Find the Right Rochester News Station for You

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Rochester college athletics

If you are new to Rochester you might start out by checking the TV listings Rochester NY has for news stations. There are few ways to get to know a city better than by checking the local news, learning about new events, getting to know the weather, and staying connected to current and relevant issues. To help you in that goal, here are four stations that can meet your needs.

  • Rochester News 10
  • Also known as WHEC, news channel 10 is the local NBC station. They cover local and national news, and one of their great features is that they have a live stream. In the event that you only have access to a computer, you can still get the broadcast news! News 10 recently reported on an animal cruelty case in Bloomfield, and shares all of the most important local news to Rochesterians, but do no

There Are Plenty of Local News Sources to Choose From in Rochester NY

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Wham 13 rochester

Looking for Rochester NY local news? Fortunately for you, if you need the latest traffic report, headlines, or local weather, you have plenty of sources to choose from both in print, online, and on the air. If you live in downtown Rochester, then you will surely want to know everything that is going on, especially with the number of festivals that the city hosts during the summer months. If you need local news, look to one of these three sources.

  • News channel 13.
  • Also known as WHAM 13 Rochester, this ABC station covers all of your typical areas including headlines, traffic, and weather. But did you know you can choose your neighborhood to customize the events calendar? Brighton, Fairport, Greece, or Gates, no matter where you live in Rochester you can discover the exciting events happening clos

Rochester News 10 The News You Need

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Rochester citizens have no shortage of quality news outlets, from radio to blogs to the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle. Television outlets like Rochester News 10 know they have a lot of high caliber competition, and that in order to compete, they have to give you more. This is a challenge they gladly accept.

From Gates to Greece, Henrietta to Hilton, and the Univ of Rochester to downtown Rochester News 10 brings you all the latest local news. School board meetings, festivals, traffic, political coverage… all the Rochester NY local news residents want, need, and count on, you can find on News 10. Recap the stories of the day with the nightly news, start your day off with the morning show, or get your news when and where you want with Rochester News 10 online, straight to your tablet or smartphone.


Is Lyme Disease on the Rise? Four News Updates for the Rochester Region

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Did you know that Rochester has the lowest real estate prices out of all cities in the state? The median housing price is over 200,000 dollars less than the overall state average. Here are four interesting news updates out of Rochester this week, thanks to various local stations.

1. The Switch to Digital is Difficult

The Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle reports that several downtown Rochester local theaters are struggling with the switch from film reels to digital projectors. Although digital projection has become normal for most theaters, small theaters have trouble covering the set up cost, which is about 60,000 dollars or more depending on the number of screens. In the coming year, though, film reels are expected to become even more difficult to obtain, with few studios releasing them anymore.

High Quality Colleges, Right in Your Area

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Univ of rochester

Upstate New York offers a wide array of educational opportunities. Many people over look the high quality schools that are in this area. If you are considering your educational options, looking into this area might be a good bet for you. With many college options, and well known high quality professors in this area, Rochester higher education is highly thought of across the nation. With schools that are highly rated across the nation like Univ of Rochester, you can not go wrong.

If you are in search of a degree in almost anything, Rochester has answers for you. Univ of Rochester is incredibly progressive in almost all fields of education. The Univ of Rochester is well known for their medical programs, as well as some ground breaking medical research. Rochester NY local news often comments on the success of

Find All You Need in the Yellow Pages

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Finding all that a city like Rochester, New York has to offer can be tricky. Some people may not know where to look right away, and others may get frustrated by looking too much. With a resource like the Yellow Pages Rochester NY residents can each get all of the information they need without having to worry. Thanks to the Yellow Pages Rochester NY businesses and individuals can cut down the time it takes to find something that they want or need.

With the Yellow Pages Rochester NY, families that are looking for something fun to do could find what the want without breaking a sweat. For some people, it is about going to a new movie theater. For others, it could be about trying a new restaurant. Just like Channel 13 abc or Channel 8 Rochester, people could find a wide variety of downtown Rochester businesses.

Deep inside the Yellow Pages Rochester NY residents could find a number of things that they need, such as a highly recommended plumber, carpenter or electrician. A lot of the businesses that are in the Rochester yellow pages have been advertising there for years. When people have a serious problem that requires attention, they should always make sure that they entrust the problem to someone who has years of experience handling similar situations.

Thanks to the local Yellow Pages Rochester NY residents can solve their problems quickly. Despite the spread of the internet and search engines, a lot of people still can use the yellow pages to find things that they need. Advertising in them is less costly for a small business than it is online, which means that the number of options can view all at once will probably be much greater.

Experience the World of Local College Athletics

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Anyone that has ever tuned into a local news channel will know that many of the Rochester college athletics programs are something to be proud of. Whether someone attends the Univ of Rochester campus near downtown Rochester, or the are going to one of the many other hailed local schools, chances are they have caught the fever. Whether people are current students or they are just interested in supporting local teams, there will be plenty of Rochester college athletics stories to follow up on.

For many people, reading and viewing stories about local Rochester college athletics programs is all about what is most convenient for them. Some people may pick up the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle, which has been known to run tons of different local sports stories throughout the years.

Whether they are prefer Wham tv 13 or Channel 8 rochester residents will want to make sure that they are seeing the highlights from all of the favorite teams games. Those stations that do not deliver all of the best Rochester college athletics highlights will probably wind up losing viewers. No matter what part of Rochester college athletics one may be interested in, they will probably love the fact that almost any local news outlet puts information online.

A lot of the best Rochester college athletics stories are available on the internet. Anywhere the one can access the internet through their laptop, smartphone or tablet will have a chance to read all about their favorite colleges and teams, as well as all of the other trending local and national headlines. Whether they are interested in entertainment, politics, human interests or stories of a somewhat historical nature, they will never be disappointed with the facts that come out of their favorite Rochester news organizations.

News Outlets in Rochester NY

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Rochester college athletics

Rochester ny local news outlets are varied and provide the Rochester NY population with local, national, and global news, as well as editorial pieces, highlights about local celebrities, prodigies, and athletics, and more. Downtown Rochester and its various attractions have long been overshadowed in the national tourism sphere, and the various news channels offer historical and informative pieces about the city’s attractions, whether it is a show at the Geva theater, the Susan B. Anthony House or other museums, or the city’s public market. These local news outlets are great ways for local businesses, local historical attractions, and the city itself to gain visibility.

Among the city’s major news outlets are the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle, a few smaller weekly publications like CITY newspaper, and five local news channels. The local news TV channels include Rochester News 10, Channel 9 Rochester NY, Wham 13 rochester, FOX 7 Rochester, and Rochester’s Channel 8. Channel 9 Rochester NY is primarily a news channel, with 24 hour coverage of breaking news and local stories, as well as spotlights on local eateries, easy day trips from Rochester, and more. Channel 9 Rochester NY has changed hands a number of times in the last few years, but they still remain one of the most popular channels for news because of their accessibility. Channels 7, 13, 10, and 8 all have local news and weather at various times during the day, which you can find in the TV listings Rochester NY’s newspapers. Many of these channels have convenient early morning or late night shows to recap the news from the day or prepare you for your work day weather.

Fast and Reliable Local News Coverage

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The next time you find yourself with a few free minutes on your hands, try this experiment. Grab your television remote, turn on the TV, and flip slowly through the channels. While doing so, pay close attention to each of the channels as you move on to the next. What types of channels do you notice? And what do you notice about them? Undoubtedly, you will find all kinds of news channels that cover a variety of topics that include world new, sports news, weather news, economics news, racing news, hunting and fishing news, Christian news, book news, and, of course, political news. Among the 24 hour national and international news shows, you will likely see a ticker at the bottom of the screen, and the words Breaking News at the top of the screen. Fortunately, this is not something that local viewers will encounter on ABC local 13, Channel 8 Rochester, Rochester news 10, or Channel 9 rochester ny. Given that there is so much news, why is it so hard to find stations like ABC local 13 that will provide no frills, cut to the chase coverage of the events that are most relevant to your life?

While there are various reliable sources for Rochester NY local news, ABC local 13 has been a local favorite for years. Although there are 24 hour local news, that news is often cookie cutter and reports the same news over and over again throughout the day. Thus, what is the purpose for 24 hour news if there is nothing new to report? ABC local 13 is the only local news that one needs, as it is known as the most reliable local news. Whether the biggest news is found in downtown Rochester or ar the Univ of Rochester, WHAM 13 Rochester will be the first to cover it. Furthermore, ABC local 13 is the first and most reliable source when it comes to closings, cancellations, and local states of emergency. With ABC local 13, there is no reason to waste your time with other local news programs.

The Yellow Pages Is Not The Only Place To Find Info In Rochester

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Rochester yellow pages

When you are looking for local phone numbers and addresses reading the Rochester Yellow Pages will definitely help you a lot. There is a large number of businesses that use the Rochester Yellow Pages as a way to make sure that customers will easily be able to locate and contact their business.

In addition to the Yellow Pages Rochester NY residents have other modes of communication for businesses. By reading the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicles people can keep up with Rochester local news and national news. When you are flipping through the Rochester Yellow Pages, you will be able to find where the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is located and how to contact the business.

In Rochester NY local news is popular because people who live in the city like to stay updated on the local events of the city. Rochester NY has a lot of popular festivals that happen over the summer that a lot of Rochester residents look forward to. These festivals usually occur in Downtown rochester and people will travel from the suburbs and surrounding towns to see what is going on.

In addition to reading the Rochester Yellow Pages or the Democrat and Chronicle, people can also watch the local news on TV. When they are watching Channel 8 rochester NY residents like to enjoy the weather updates with Scott Hesko. He is lively and upbeat and can always make the weather sound fun, even if it is Rochester weather, like two feet of snow and high wind warnings. Scott Hesko still makes the weather report sound great!

Besides checking in the Rochester Yellow Pages, people have other options to find out information. If they are looking for TV listings Rochester NY residents should remember that they can find these in the Democrat and Chronicle. When people need information in Rochester NY there are many different ways to attain it.